Laser Therapy


Plants use photons from the sun light to energize their cells and grow. Could it be possible for the human cells to do the same if flashed with enough photons (light energy)? Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Lasers have been rapidly gaining popularity in modern medicine and have already become important or indispensable in some surgical procedures and cosmetology.

The time has come for medical applications of lasers. Research and clinical data provide overwhelming evidences on safety and effectiveness of laser therapy in many medical conditions. In Europe laser therapy is used for quite some time where it enjoys growth in popularity as the number of applications continues to increase. However, in the United States, therapeutic lasers are still rejected by mainstream medicine and insurance companies and unfortunately it seems unlikely that change will happen any time soon. 

Fortunately, a growing number of alternative medical centers in US offer laser therapy to their patients.

The Future of Laser Therapy

Despite the difficulties, the future of laser therapy cannot be brighter.

As laser therapy gains more and more recognition and receives the attention of researchers in teaching institutions around the world, it will become the treatment of choice many medical and surgical conditions.

Because of low cost, effectiveness, and lack of side effect, laser therapy will replace many of the commonly used medications and surgical procedures. At Medical Frontiers, because of laser therapy, we already perform very few invasive injections or procedures.

One of the first in the USA

Medical Frontiers from its very conception in 2003 has used laser therapy to treat chronic pain, acute injuries, and many chronic medical conditions. Medical Frontiers is a unique center in the USA that has been almost entirely focused on laser therapy for many years. 

This early start provided a great opportunity for Dr. Zielke and his staff to acquire unmatched expertise and develop proprietary protocols for a different medical condition. These protocols are responsible for the success of laser therapy at Medical Frontiers and are not available elsewhere. 

Laser treatments are safe, effective and completely painless.

Indications for laser therapy


  • Spine injuries
  • Neck and back pain
  • Sciatic pain
  • Headaches
  • RSD ( Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Arthritis of any type (all joints)
  • Neurodegenerative disorders such as MS, Parkinson’s disease
  • Chinic weakness of extremities
  • Neuralgia
  • Sport injuries
  • Any type of trauma
  • Burns
  • Chronic and acute wounds
  • Variety of skin conditions, Scars
  • Tendonitis and tendons injuries
  • Leg swelling
  • Sinuses treatment (sinus headache)

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