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The entire world is currently in the food crises. People suffer either having not enough food or from having to much food which is junk food. Obviously, Americans have to deal with the latter which is not necessarily a lesser problem. It often is even the bigger one.

Book “China study” by Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas Campbell, MD reports on long term nutritional study in China that included to subsets of population starting from childhood over 30 years time span: the poor that ate mostly vegetables and the more affluent that have access to meat. The scientists tried to determine how the lack of animal proteins from meat will affect health of the impoverished population.

To their surprise, the poor were healthier that the others who ate meet. After the study was published in the US it was attacked and authors were discredited by the medical establishment. The book, however, became a bestseller.


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  • Why Food Should Be Treated As Medicine
  • How Food Influence Your Health - Is It All About Calories?
  • Why Dairy Is A Problem
  • The Science About Eating Animal Proteins (Meat)
  • Is Genetically Modified Food (Gmo) Safe To Eat And Why?
  • Why Organic?
  • The State Of Our Soil In Mass Food Production
  • How About Salt? Does It Raise Your Blood Pressure?
  • Is Glass Of Wine Good For Your Heart?
  • What Is The Perfect Diet For Us?
  • Can We Cure High Blood Pressure, Diabetes Or Arthritis By Just Adopting The “Perfect” Diet?


  • Essential vitamins everyone must take
  • Best supplements and anti-oxidants recommendation
  • Medications you should stop and their healthy alternatives
  • Annual flu shot? What science tells you about vaccines

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