Management of Chronic Pain

Treatment of Chronic Pain

Patients suffering from chronic pain are usually told that pain will not go away and they should get “used to it”. Even so it may often be true that chronic pain after severe injuries will persist, at Medical Frontiers, we refused to accept the notion that there is nothing we can do for these patients and the only solution are pain killers. 

Successful treatment of chronic pain problems requires a holistic approach because chronic pain is usually very complex in nature. It is not only the pain condition that needs to be addressed, but all underlying medical problems as well.

For example, someone with chronic back pain will suffer more if he is overweight, have diabetes, inflammatory problems, metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel or nutritional deficiencies. So just correcting underlying conditions, usually leads to improvement of pain. 

Our goal is to influence our patients to change their “bad” habits and improve lifestyle. Are we successful? Yes we are. Just read testimonies of our patients. 

Counseling play important role in our approach. Typically, our patients are able to change their diet, lose weight, correct nutritional deficiencies and increase their exercise tolerance. Our therapies are noninvasive, painless and effective. These may include, laser therapy, ozone prolo-therapy, nerve blocks, spinal treatments, muscle therapies, ozone sauna, IV vitamins etc.

Typical, our patients experience significant improvement of pain and quality of life.

Neck and Back Pain

We are in the middle of an epidemic of spine injuries due to car accidents, sport, and industrial injuries. Often these patients undergo spinal surgeries which when fail, make the matters worse. Many patients have bad experiences with pain clinics due to invasive and painful injections that are performed way too often.

Medical Frontiers offers non-invasive and painless new treatments which are effective and safe. We observe excellent improvements of neck and lower back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatic pain, scoliosis, myofacial pain, fibromyalgia and many other pain syndromes.

Treatments usually include:

  • spinal treatments
  • laser therapy
  • ozone prolo-therapy
  • injections


We are very proud that we successfully “nailed” treatments of headaches. We use different methods depending on the type and origin of headaches, and we are able to eliminate or significantly improve majority of headaches. If you suffer from headaches, please give us a call.

Our treatments are effective for:

  • migraine headaches
  • tension headaches
  • cervicogenic headaches
  • sinus headaches
  • cluster headaches
For more information please refer to the page on headaches.


A lot of misunderstanding is around fibromyalgia. Initially it was denied that fibromyalgia existed and was branded a “mental disorder”, now when the pendulum reaches the other extreme, it is grossly over diagnosed. Few still understand what is it.

Fibromyalgia is a complex problem which usually involves preexisting spine injury complicated by chronic underlying inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, bowel problems. It is often associated with headaches and general fatigue and difficulties sleeping. But it is not a brain disease. 

Our treatments include:

  • laser therapy
  • ozone prolo-therapy
  • ozone sauna
  • intravenous vitamins
  • correction of vitamin deficiencies
  • hormonal evaluation if needed
  • lifestyle change

Arthritis and Joint pain

Inflammation of large and small joints responds well to laser therapy and ozone prolo-therapy or PRP injections. Also we like to add good anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant such as curcumin.

RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

RSD is a progressive pain syndrome usually affecting distal part of extremity often leading to a significant disability. This dreadful disease responds well to laser therapy and ozone prolo-therapy. 

Neuropathy and Neuralgia

Peripheral neuropathy and neuralgia respond very well to laser therapy and ozone applied topically or ozone prolo-therapy

Pain due to Peripheral Vascular Disease

Laser therapy disperses platelets and causes vasodilatation thus improving blood flow. The effect is immediate.

Kidney Stone Attack

One of the most painful condition is kidney stone attack. Laser therapy when apply properly relaxes ureter and stops attack within minutes. After treatments, patients usually pass the stone within 24 hours and without any more pain.

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